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The Best Anti-Snoring Nasal Strips and Breathing Aids

Anti-Snoring-Nasal-StripsSnoring is a result of an obstructed airway which leads to vibrations in the respiratory structures and a loud, throaty noise, most often causing disruptive sleep for the snorer and others in the household. In many cases, the obstruction is caused by the tongue falling back during sleep and blocking the air passage. In other cases, snoring is a symptom of an obstruction in the nasal passage which limits the intake of air, again causing disruptive sleep. Cold and congestion can be relieved with medications however, there are also drug-free options available, such as nasal strips. Nasal strips, also known as dilators, work to open the nasal passage by relieving pressure caused by colds, congestion, sinus infections or allergies. They are easy to apply, work instantly and are found in every drugstore. After the strip is placed on the nose, just above the flares of the nostrils, the elastic bands that make up the nasal strip adhere to the nose and gently raise the nostrils as the bands attempt to contract. When the nasal passage is kept open, snoring is reduced and more oxygen enters the body, resulting in a deeper sleep and better overall health. There are a few different brands of nasal strips but Breathe Right dominates the market and is available in dozens of sizes, shapes and colors, even scents:

  • Breathe Right is the leading brand in nasal strips and found in virtually every drugstore. They are cheap, around $10.00 for a package of 30, effective, and drug-free. There are dozens of options for sizes, large, medium, and small as well as different sizes for men and women. They come in tan or clear and have lavender-scented strips as well that provide a sleep aid (calming lavender scent) in addition to the breathing aid. They have larger, extra-strength strips, strips for sensitive skin and ones that are designed for children. As an affordable method to stop snoring, they’re worth a try.
  • Nozovent, and AirPlus are two other brands of nasal strips but are not easily found in the United States and must be ordered online. Many drugstores carry their own brand of nasal strips as well, however they also do not offer as many options as the leading brand.
  • An alternative to nasal strips, SleepRight is a nasal breathing aid that clips to the bottom of the septum, at the base of the nostrils, and works in the same way that the strips do. The clip can be reused for weeks after purchasing, eliminating the daily waste of the disposable strips. Additionally, the clip has no adhesive that can lead to skin pulling and irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin. Many users find that the nasal clip is more comfortable and stays in place better than the nasal strip.

Regardless of which strip or breathing aid you choose, snoring can be reduced or even eliminated in those whose snoring has resulted from blocked nasal passages. Depending on who you are, there is no particular best way to stop snoring (although this site has a helpful anti-snoring mouthpiece guide) which of course includes the SnoreRX. People with sinus (more…)

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